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Instances of domestic violence are still common, but brave men and women from all over the country are doing their part to prevent future incidences.

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Laws pertaining to domestic violence can be confusing. Find out exactly what the law says so you can make informed decisions.

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Domestic Violence Prevention and Legal Information

Domestic violence prevention campaigns over the last 20 years have been quite successful; many people are now aware of how big a problem domestic abuse has become, and public support for victims has never been higher. Unfortunately, instances of abuse are still widespread and many victims are unable to separate themselves from their abusers. The Man Group is here to help provide options and show victims and abusers that violence at home is not OK, and that it will not be tolerated, regardless of the circumstances.


If you or your loved one are being abused at home, or you believe they may be abused, there are options. Take a look at our resource list and refer to our numerous articles designed to help separate abuser and victim so the cycle of violence can end and all parties can begin to get assistance to help prevent future incidences.


Prevention used to consist solely of keeping people away from known domestic violence abusers, but it has become so much more than that. Psychologists and doctors in general now agree that those who commit acts of domestic violence often pass their tendencies down to their sons, daughters, and victims. Now more than ever, experts are finding that victims of abuse often repeat that abuse.


The Man Group wants victims and abusers to know that they do not have to continue this cycle. They can get help and do their part to stop domestic violence. If you’re the victim, you can help prevent future incidences of domestic violence by reaching out to support groups to help separate yourself from your abuser. If you’re an abuser, you can go to anger management courses and do your part to curb your aggressive tendencies.


Different domestic violence laws in different states will affect domestic violence victims and defendants in different ways, but knowing what they are will help you to better determine what options are available. In some states, dropping domestic violence charges is not an option for victims, in others it is. These differences in the laws can make a huge difference for everyone involved. Get the legal information you’re looking for to help you stay informed. Just keep in mind that we are not attorneys and that this site does not create an attorney client relationship nor should the information contained be considered legal advice.


Victims of abuse don’t know where to turn, but we can help. Whether you are turning to us directly to receive help for your particular situation or you need help finding an organization that will best fit your needs, we’re happy to better direct you. There are a lot of organizations designed to help DV victims get the help they need, and many of them do not help promote other similar services. We consider every domestic violence prevention and assistance organization as a team member in a large community of victim defenders. Take a look at our resource lists and DV directory to find the organization that will provide you with the assistance that you’re looking for.

Call 911 If You Need Immediate Assistance

If you are in immediate danger, you should call 911 immediately. Despite your opinion of your abuser, those who strike out physically often get progressively worse over time. Protect yourself and let the authorities get involved to help separate you. Do it for you. You’re worth it.